Our hunting is all fair chase and we specialize in bow hunting, however, we do offer muzzleloader hunts.

Between my guides and myself, we have well over a century of experience. We are taking just 28 archery hunters for the 2008 / 2009 archery season and 8 muzzleload hunters. We will only be hunting the rut. These are guided hunts and we offer both ladder and lock on tree stands averaging in height from 17′ to 26′ or we can put you in a ground blind if you prefer the ground. Our guides will get you to and from your stand, help you track your deer, field dress and cape your trophy. We also have a processor and taxidermist available.

Pre-Season Scouting Trip

If you book with us, I will invite you to come to our camp in late July,August or September to see what you will be hunting. During the scouting trip,we will allow you to stay at our cabin at a low cost of $200 for a two day stay and we will show you where and what you will be hunting in the fall. If you don’t like what you see,we will give you back your deposit. We are that confident about our area.

Bow Hunters

You need to be in good shape and scent control is a must. I strongly recommend 16? Rubber Boots, Scent Lock Suites and Scent Free Soap plus Scent Killer. “Please Don’t Stink Up Our Deer Woods.”If you expect to kill a mature buck you can’t smell. No cigarettes, chewing tobacco or snuff in the stands.