Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunts

Wild Ohio Whitetail Outfitters was started in 2007 after a long discussion with a couple of my hunting buddies. Previously we had kept this place to ourselves for more than 15 years and finally came to the decision it was time to share with others. Our camp is located in Hocking County and our leases are located in both Hocking and Vinton Counties where the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains begin. We are primarily hunting mature woods consisting of white, red and black oaks, hickory, poplar, maple and cherry. We also have both clear cuts and multiple food plots throughout our properties. In Ohio, it is legal to bait so we supplement our deer with corn, apples and minerals which help hold the deer on our properties and also keep them healthy. Hocking county is very picturesque and is considered by many to be the most beautiful county in the great State of Ohio. It is a destination place for many outdoor enthusiasts with places like Old Man’s Cave, Cedar Falls and Conkle’s Hollow.

We are a small camp and want to keep it that way—we will never over hunt our properties. For the 2015-2016 season, we are only bringing in a total of 12 archery hunters and 2 gun/youth hunters. We only archery hunt the rut meaning our hunts typically begin the first week of November. Archery hunts are 5 ½ days and include lodging. Typically hunters arrive on Saturday evening or Sunday morning with the hunts beginning Sunday afternoon. We are currently hunting between 1000-1500 acres with most of our properties being contiguous. This season we are allowing hunters to take 2 deer, one antlered and one antlerless, and if you are fortunate enough, you can shoot a feral hog at no additional cost.

We have a 120 inch minimum but prefer you shoot a deer with a 125 inch rack or larger. If you shoot a deer smaller than 120 inches, you will need to pay a $500 management fee. We have tree stands ranging in height from 12 ft to 20 ft. We have both hang on type stands and ladder stands. We also use ground blinds, box blinds and self-climbing tree stands. If you like to use a climbing tree stand, we encourage you to bring one. We will have extra stands available in camp in the event you need to do a quick set. Please feel free to bring your favorite stand. I will allow you to use it if it is TMA approved.

We are a semi guided camp meaning that you will be taking yourself to and from your hunting stand. We have done the scouting and have tried to select what we believe to be the best locations to ambush a mature buck. We will make suggestions on when and where to hunt based on the wind, weather conditions and time of day of your hunt. We do have at least one ATV available at camp for your use. We use the ATV for retrieving deer, setting up new stands or to fill feeders, but we do not use them as a scouting tool.